What Is a Shopping List?

A Shopping List is the fastest way to reorder products!

Shopping Lists enable you to view and purchase multiple products in one place with no searching. You can create as many lists as you like. On future visits add the items in your lists directly into your shopping cart, then checkout. Its that easy! They're great for quickly reordering items you purchase frequently.

Who Can Use Shopping Lists?

Anyone with an account can use a shopping list. If you don't have one, click here to sign-up now! - it's free and easy!.

Why Use Them?

Shopping Lists let you order quickly and more easily. For example, make a list for each company department and name each accordingly - "Accounting," "General Office" or "Sales Dept". Then you can quickly see different products and prices, and order the quantities you need all at one time.

What Is A Reminder?

Take the ease and simplicity of a Shopping List to the next level. In fact, have Ink Keepers acts as your online office manager by emailing you a reminder of when it is time purchase items one your Shopping Lists. That's right, you can set a date for the first reordering reminder and the frequency of later reminders for each list.

How To Create a Shopping List

If you are not logged in, click Login. If you do not have an InkKeepers.com username and password, click sign-up to set up an account now.

Click "View Shopping Lists" on the right panel. You will come to the "Shopping Lists" start page. Click "Add New Shopping List."
Enter a name and click "Add."
Congratulations! You just created your first Shopping List
You may create as many lists as you like!

How To Create A Reminder

Get the most our of your Shopping List by setting an email reminder.
First, click "Activate" Email Reminder.
Then, choose the date you wish to receive your first Email Reminder.
After this choose the frequency you wish to receive your Email Reminders.
Click "Set Reminder", and you are done!
You may deactivate or change the frequency as often as you like.

How To Add Products to a List

As you search and browse for products, simply click "Add to List" to add that item to a list.
Next, find the appropriate list name and click "Add to List".
You must be logged in to add items to a list.

How To Shop with a List

Click "View Shopping Lists" on the right panel.
Click on a list name in the "Available Lists" drop down menu.
Click "View List".
Here you may add individual items to your cart by first selecting a quantity then clicking the "Add to Cart" button next each item. Or you may add all items to cart by clicking "Add All to Cart".
If you wish to delete a product or change its quantities permanently click "Update List".

How To View, Edit, or Delete a List

Go to the Main Lists Page.
Click on the list name.
To edit the list name or comment, simply enter your changes and click "Update." To remove items from the list, click "Remove." To delete the list, click "Delete List."

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Click here to create a new list.

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